Syntax Highlighting with vim for Keynote

Syntax Highlighting code in a presentation can be a boring ordeal. Vim already supports the :toHTML command that outputs the code to HTML. But that file has to be saved, opened in a browser, copied to the clipboard and pasted in Keynote to get the same syntax highlighting. But this is too cumbersome. I wanted something that I can visually highlight and run a command against it to copy it as RTF to the clipboard and then paste the code into Keynote. I know that the cool kids using TextMate have Dr Nic’s Copy as RTF bundle . But I wanted it to work with the editor that I love. So I wrote the rtf-highlight vim plugin. It works with the “highlight” ¬†command line tool. If you like it, fork it and submit patches.

BTW, this works for OpenOffice as well.

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