Polymorphic Many-to-Many Associations in Rails

Rails has various Active Record associations that can be defined between models.

First of all why do we need associations between models? Association between models helps us to perform certain common operations very simple and easy in our Rails code.

Basically Rails supports six types of Associations namely:

  • belongs_to
  • has_one
  • has_one :through
  • has_many
  • has_many :through
  • has_and_belongs_to_many

In the above has_many and belongs_to associations are both commonly used Active Record associations in Rails.

Recently I learnt one more association in Rails which is known as Polymorphic association. I found it very interesting and would like to share it.

Polymorphic Association

In polymorphic association a model belong to more than one other model on a single association.

In one of the project which I was working on, I had to implement polymorphic many-to-many association between the models. The implementation of polymorphic many-to-many association in Rails is very simple.

Let me explain about polymorphic many-to-many association with an simple example.

Consider an example application which has two models namely Book and Article. These two models are associated to a common model called Tag. Book and Article has many tags. But a tag can have many books and also a tag can have many articles. In this case we have many-to-many relationship.

The implementation of above scenario will be like below.

First we have the models Book and Article

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base

has_many :tags, :through => :taggings

has_many :taggings, :through => :taggable


class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

has_many :tags, :through => :taggings

has_many :taggings, :through => :taggable


Then we have the Tag model

class Tag < ActiveRecord::Base

has_many :books, :through => :taggings, :source => :taggable, :source_type => "Book"

has_many :articles, :through => :taggings, :source => :taggable, :source_type => "Article"

has_many :taggings


Finally we have our join model Tagging

class Tagging < ActiveRecord::Base

belongs_to :tag

belongs_to :taggable, :polymorphic => true


From the above implementation we can access tags of books and articles as



We can also access the books and articles based on a tag



We can also get the taggings and taggable of a tag



In the above example we have join model which has the fields namely name, taggable_id and taggable_type. The taggable_type field defines that to which model the tag is associated.

Finally let me explain how we get books or articles with respect to a tag. In tag model we have defined has_many relations to books and articles. But there are other options mentioned.

The :through option defines through which model we can access the books or articles. In the above example it is taggings.

The :source option tells the Rails to consider the taggable association instead of expecting an association on taggings.

The :source_type specifies the class of type of polymorphic association that we want to retrieve.

The above is an simple example explaining the implementation of polymorphic many-to-many association in Rails. I hope the above article is interesting and useful.


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