Why the name Dharana

If you had the question why did we name our company Dharana, you would find this interesting. Dharana literally means “undivided focus” in Samskritam (Sanskrit). When one has the passion towards something, (s)he naturally has an undivided focus to it. You would have experienced Dharana unconsciously while reading a novel, watching a movie, singing or solving a problem or most possibly when coding. Time would have passed and you wouldnt have noticed because you had your complete attention on something. When one programs with Dharana, naturally one performs the best of his/her calibre.

Since Dharana is an experience, the closest we could get to represent is the end of duality – the third eye in the yogic lore.

I would like to also relate a nice anecdote that we can associate with Dharana. In Mahabharatha (an Indian epic), there is an incident where Dhrona, the guru (teacher) teaches archery to his disciples. He placed a wooden bird in a tree branch and asked the princes (the disciples) to shoot it by striking its eye from across the adjacent river. When the eldest Yudhishtra tries, Dhrona asks him “What do you see”. He replies “I see you, my brothers, the river, the forest, the tree and the bird”. Dhrona does not allow him to shoot and asks the next prince to come forward. He repeats the same with each prince and each one of them says almost the same. Finally Arjuna steps in. When asked this question, he replies “I see the eye of the bird”. Dhrona asks again “What else do you see”. Arjuna replies “I see only the eye of the bird”. Then Dhrona asks him to shoot. And Arjuna exactly strikes the wooden bird right on the eye.┬áLater on Arjuna had practiced to shoot without even seeing the object directly.

We as a company intend to be extremely passionate about the quality and the technical excellence of our software solutions and like to build robust useful software. And Dharana helps in achieving the same.


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